NHS crisis Scotland: mental health service waits costing lives

Press release, Scotland news
06 March 2024

“Mental health waits are costing lives in Scotland” was the main message behind a special Channel Four News report, broadcast this week.

The story focused on the Scottish Government's record on funding of mental health services - which has seen waiting times soar over the past decade.

With powerful lived experience partners, the segment also featured a response from the new Cabinet Secretary for Health in Scotland, Neil Gray.

Dr Jane Morris, Chair of RCPsych in Scotland sat down for an interview with the news show's Scotland correspondent, Kathryn Samson for the powerful piece.

Dr Morris said:

“Mental health in Scotland has been in chronic crisis probably even since before Covid and the lockdown.

“But we’re now seeing a very acute episode where I think we’re almost in a precarious position and the whole thing could come tumbling down.”

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