International Diploma to launch next year

Progress is being made towards the College’s first international diploma in older adults’ mental health and dementia launching early 2024.

As part of the RCPsych International Strategy, the College are developing qualifications in sub-specialty areas of psychiatry which will:

  • support the development of specialist services globally
  • improve the knowledge and skills of psychiatrists and other doctors for particular population groups
  • support ongoing training in sub-specialty areas in countries where psychiatric training is focused on working age adults.

The first diploma will focus on older adults’ mental health and dementia and is part of a wider portfolio of clinical diplomas the College is planning to develop across different specialties.

The diploma will be a blended course which will include webinars, eLearning content and peer group discussions with fellow learners. Learners will also be expected to demonstrate engagement with the content by the writing of reflections.

Students will be supported throughout their studies by a committed team of internationally recognised educational experts and will receive both formative and summative feedback along the course of the programme.

The course will build upon pre-existing theoretical knowledge and will address a wide range of psychiatric disorders, with a focus on an evidence-based management approach. It will equip learners to devise locally appropriate and feasible strategies to reduce the burden of mental disorders.

An expert reference group has been assembled, including advisors and clinical experts across all international divisions, who will bring their knowledge, experience and skills to help build this exciting initiative and lead on the strategic and clinical direction of the diploma.

Developments are underway on the curriculum including an assessment strategy to

  • evaluate learners’ progress and knowledge, and to ensure they achieve high standards
  • Measure the effectiveness of the training to allow course content to be adapted to improve understanding and achieve objectives.

If you are interested in the International Diploma, or have any questions, please contact Samuel Smith, International Coordinator at

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