Assessment Strategy Review

The full report from the College’s recent extensive Assessment Strategy Review is now available on our website.

The recommendations were approved by RCPsych Council and Board of Trustees in January and February 2023 respectively. The key recommendations are to:

  • from September 2023, move to a face to face delivery model for CASC with some digital elements such as iPad marking
  • continue to run written papers A and B online via Pearson Test Centres
  • create a new Assessment Oversight Committee to have strategic oversight of educational assessments, and report to the ETC
  • create a formative assessment working group to create a recommendations report by the end of 2023.

There are a further 50 recommendations throughout the report, which will operationalise the key findings and lead to further improved quality standards in psychiatric education.

Thanks go to Dr John Russell, Associate Dean for the Curricula, and Dr Ian Hall, Chief Examiner, along with all the participants in the steering group, focus groups and committees across our membership for their input and work into this review.

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