The Registrar – Magazine of the Psychiatric Trainees Committee

Writing a piece for our magazine, The Registrar, is a great opportunity to contribute to your trainee committee and see your name in print.

Guidelines for submissions

We are interested in all submissions which are relevant to training, including pieces on education, leadership, research, conferences, exams, recruitment, interviews and any other issues you feel are important to trainees.

We particularly love hearing about innovative projects that fit with the our agenda of increasing recruitment to psychiatry and improving training - and about interesting things psychiatrist do outside of their clinical work, for example in volunteering, sports or music.

Articles should be 1–2 pages/400–600 words, and if possible should include photos or images (which are free from copyright issues). Don't forget to include your name, title, place of work and contact details.

Adverts for upcoming events, courses or conferences are welcomed, and these can of course be short.

Please send your submissions and direct any queries to the PTC Editorial Team at

We look forward to hearing from you!

PTC Editorial Team

Accessing archived issues

If you would like a copies of pre-2010 issues not currently available on the website but can be found on our online newsletter archive, if you have any issues please email the College Archivist, Francis Maunze at

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