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Mental Health and Growing Up: Factsheets for parents, teachers and young people (4th edn)

Royal College of Psychiatrists

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Published: Feb 2013

Format: Paperback (spiral-bound)

Number of pages: 152

ISBN: 9781908020468

Mental Health and Growing Up: Factsheets for parents, teachers and young people (4th edn)

Does your child throw embarrassing temper tantrums in public?

Are you worried about your best friend who has become preoccupied with food, yet skips meals?

Is there a child in your class who seems to have no concentration and is always causing trouble?


These factsheets may be able to help. These short, simply written and easily understandable information sheets offer parents, teachers and young people practical and up-to-date information on what you can do if you are worried about your child, a pupil or a friend.

There are 46 different factsheets covering a wide range of emotional, behavioural and mental health problems that often affect children and young people. Each factsheet explains what the problem might be, the possible causes and effects, gives tips to help you deal with it, outlines the treatments available, gives the best available evidence, and shows how and where to get help and further information. Many include real-life case studies.

  • Each factsheet can be photocopied (free of charge) for use as handouts for patients, young people, pupils, parents or friends.
  • Completely revised and expanded edition.
  1. Primary healthcare profressionals (General Practictioners, practice nurses, community nurses, etc.) or members of the mental health team.
  2. Any professional working with children and young people (teachers, school nurses, social workers, etc.).
  3. Parents, anyone caring for a child or young person and young people themselves.


Factsheets for young people

1. Bipolar disorder
2. Cannabis and mental health
3. Cognitive–behavioural therapy (CBT)
4. Coping with stress
5. Depression
6. Drugs and alcohol
7. Exercise and mental health
8. Mental illness in a parent
9. Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD)
10. Psychosis
11. Schizophrenia
12. When bad things happen – overcoming adversity and developing
13. Worries about weight and eating problems
14. Worries and anxieties
15. Who's who in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)


Factsheets for parents, carers and anyone who works with young people

1. Good parenting
2. The restless and excitable child
3. Dealing with tantrums
4. Children who soil or wet themselves
5. Sleep problems in childhood and adolescence
6. Behavioural problems and conduct disorder
7. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
8. The child with general learning disability
9. Specific learning difficulties
10. Autism and Asperger syndrome
11. Depression in children
12. Worries and anxieties: helping children to cope
13. Divorce or separation of parents: the impact on children and
14. Death in the family: helping children to cope
15. The emotional cost of bullying
16. Traumatic stress in children
17. Domestic violence: its effects on children
18. Child abuse and neglect: the emotional effect
19. Drugs and alcohol: what parents need to know
20. Self-harm in young people
21. Psychosis
22. Schizophrenia
23. Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents
24. Obsessive–compulsive disorder in children and young people
25. Eating disorders in young people
26. Chronic physical illness: the effects on mental health
27. Medically unexplained physical symptoms
28. Chronic fatigue syndrome: helping your child get better
29. Parental mental illness: the problems for children
30. Who’s who in CAMHS
31. Surviving adolescence


The full text of each factsheet is available to read online free of charge (within the health advice section of the College website).

Printed versions of the factsheets (easier to photocopy) can only be bought as part of the whole pack.



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"Clearly written and visually appealing, the book uses language appropriate for its intended audience, and contains a great deal of practical information and resources."
 - Nursing Standard
"This book of photocopy-ready factsheets...will be extremely useful for anyone working with young people or their families. It provides a wealth of evidence-based information, which is difficult to find in a single resource elsewhere. I know my copy will receive a great deal of use."
 - GP Pulse
"From cover to cover it is well laid out, simple, signposted, consistent and fit for purpose. That purpose is to provide information to allay fears and reassure young people and their families that the symptoms they are experiencing can be explained and helped. ...I can't imagine any child and adolescent mental health service, GP surgery or social care service not being able to make use of this book. I am usually sceptical of these type of all-inclusive books but I can't see anything not to like about this one."
- Mental Health Practice

"The fourth one of those delightful revisions which seem to reassert its value in the same way a new publication would. For £20, the reader receives 46 factsheets which are crying out to be photocopied and distributed."
 - The Psychiatrist

"A good resource to give to pastoral staff who would like quick answers to the many questions they may have about the many mental health issues they may face ... a good reference material to have in school to give to parents, teachers and some young people."
- Special (Journal of the National Association for Special Educational Needs)