Setting up a lecture

If you'd like to set up a College lecture, a proposal must be sent to the Dean who will, if appropriate, refer the matter to the Education & Training Committee.

This needs to include:

  • a full description and purpose of the lecture
  • the target audience
  • details of funding (if appropriate)
  • how often the lecture would be given
  • justification for creating this lecture.

This information should be submitted to: 

Department of Professional Standards
Royal College of Psychiatrists
21 Prescot Street
London E1 8BB

Next steps

  • A preliminary budget should be created by working with the Department of Professional Standards (who will consult the College's Finance Department and Treasurer, as necessary).
  • A copy of the proposal will be sent to the Finance Management Committee.
  • Following discussion at this Committee, a copy will be forwarded to the Programmes and Meetings Committee for consideration.
  • Details of the lecture will be sent to the Education, Training & Standards Committee.
  • If the Education raining and Standards Committee approves the setting up of the lecture, full details will be included in the Lectures Booklet which is available on the College website.
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