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Dr Lily Read

Dr Lily Read

Chair, Speciality Doctors Committee

I am a SAS doctor in Old Age Psychiatry in Northamptonshire, where I have worked since 2011. I obtained my medical degree in Romania and after training, I came to the UK and held academic medicine positions at Universities of Manchester and Leeds, including Senior research fellow. I obtained my MSc (Manchester) and PhD (Leeds)  in aspects of cognitive dysfunction in later life.

I was the principal investigator for government and EU-funded studies. I subsequently joined the UK government to lead their research programme on medical aspects of road safety and deputised for the Chief Medical Adviser at the Department for Transport. I have extensive experience in policy and legislative changes and negotiating nationally and internationally.  I returned to the NHS  after 7 years in this post as the pull of the clinical work was too strong. 

I am the Chair of the SAS committee  (started 2021) having been its Vice chair for the previous five years. I am interested in equality of opportunity,  wellbeing and career development (including CESR) and I am a strong believer in valuing and supporting all doctors working in psychiatry. 

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