Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Trainees Conference 2023

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1. Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk Assessment in an Older Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Ward
Oluwatobi Ajewole, CT1-3, Margaret Ogbeide-Ihama

2. Public knowledge about dementia among a sample of Egyptian population

Dr Mariam Alwerdani Abouelmaati, Junior clinical fellow, Aya Ahmed Ashour, Lecturer of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Noha Ahmed Sabry, Professor of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, Ayat Diaa Eldeen Ashour, Lecturer of Geriatric Health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, Egypt, Hend Nassef Kassem, Clinical psychologist, Cairo University, Egypt, Mariam M. Alwerdani, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt, Marwa Nofal, Resident, Helwan Mental Health Hospital, General Secretariat of Mental Health, and Addiction Treatment, Cairo, Egypt, Nareman Aly Mohamed, Lecturer of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, Egypt, Shimaa Abdalaleem Abdalgeleel, Lecturer of Public Health, biostatistics and Cancer Epidemiology, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt, Ola Osama Khalaf, Assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. (Member of Mental Health Research Network of Egypt (MHRNE), 2ND batch, Geriatrics research group)

3. Challenges and Gaps in the Diagnosis of Personality Disorders in Older Adults: a review of current practices in a UK Mental Health Trust
Dr Christina Barmpagianni, CT1-3, Dr Neelima Reddi, Jemma Arrow, Tamsin Brownell, Professor Ramin Nilforooshan

4. The Triad of Delirium, Depression, and Dementia in Old Age Psychiatry: Interplay and Implications

Dr Christina Barmpagianni, CT1-3, Dr Dominic Mayhew, Dr Tharsica Sivagnanasithiyar, Dr Anna Fryer, Dr Giles Townsend

5. Sleep disturbance in cognitive assessments: an audit
Dr Charlotte Forbes, ST4-6

6. Improving the recording of NEWS2 observations on an Older Adults Inpatient Psychiatric Ward

Dr Ellen McCloy Smith, ST7, Sarah Galloway, Dr Rachel Barnsley, Emma Aldridge, Dr Matthew Francis, Tammy Osgathorp

7. Literature review of existing evidence on relationship between retirement and dementia
Dr Madhooree Rowjee, CT1-3

8. DNACPR: Utilising Poster Interventions to Improve Compliance with Scottish Government Guidance
Dr Aized Raza Shahbaz, CT1-3, Dr James Herron

9. Antipsychotic prescribing for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in the Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (BCPFT)
Dr Ellen Williams, CT1-3, Dr Imran Fahim (LAS CT1, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ), Dr Ussama Mohoyuddin (FY2, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Nankoo Ryaz (FY1, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Manjula Atmakur (Older Adult Consultant Psychiatrist, Wolverhampton Locality, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Geetha Kumararatne, Older Adult Consultant Psychiatrist, Dudley Locality, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Aparna Prasanna (Older Adult Consultant Psychiatrist and Audit Lead, Older Adult Division, Black Country Partnership and NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Rashda Tabassum (Older Adult Consultant Psychiatrist, Walsall Locality, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

10. Sleep hygiene measures for inpatients prescribed night sedation: a closed-loop audit in an old age psychiatry inpatient ward

Dr Caitlin Young, CT1-3, Dr Mark Harrison, Dr Stuart Gibson

Poster presentations are kindly supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research

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