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Faculty of Perinatal Psychiatry Annual Conference 2023


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1. Maternal Courage : how a mother survives the killing of her child to rebuild her family against the odds 
Helen Chen, Consultant  

Dr Elizabeth Junaid, ST4-6, Dr Hanna Mansi , Dr Ivana Pristicova 

Dr Julie Miller, SAS Doctor

Dr Labib Hussain, CT1-3, Maaz Malik , Dr Jennifer Cooke

Joao Costa, ST4-6, Joanne Fenton , Catherine Hinds

Dr Sherif Ibrahim,CT1-3 , Dr Chanel Parmar ,Dr Rupa Gupta 

7. The role of electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of postpartum psychosis :a systematic review 
Dr Declan Hyland, Consultant , Scarlett Pygott 

8. Study of The Relationship Between Presentation Time and Comprehensiveness of Information Presented in the Northamptonshire Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services (SPMHS) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meeting
Nur Zulkifli,CT1-3 , Emma Fisher

Dr Cissy Atwine, CT1-3, Dr Samina Monir ,Dr Helen Hutchings ,Dr Michael Harris 

Rohan Krishnan, Trust Grade, Dr Mythiri Sutharson , Lizzie Norrington , Sophie Bamber , Sushma Sundaresh ,Emma Padfield

Dr Olatunbosun Sotonade,ST4-6, Dr E Edwards, Dr B Babu , Dr G Narayan 

Dr Madeeha Bandukda ,SAS Doctor ,Dr Genevieve Hirsz ,Dr Neha Rawat ,Dr Laura Connell-Jones, Dr SuMon Hein, Dr Anne M Bonnici Mallia

13. Improving the knowledge and confidences of heath care professionals delivery perinata mental health in Wales through training 
Dr Oluwaseun Adeitan, ST4-6, Dr Divya Sakhuja

14. Examining ways to improve sleep quality and support healthy ageing in older adults with sleep disturbances through targeting the gut microbiome with saffron supplementation 
Andi Stanescu, CT1-3 ,
L Lang ,A Ditton , S McArthur, M Muller, D Gaudout, A Lazar , D Vazour

Dr Jillian Barry, CT1-3 

Dr Umesh Gowda, Consultant , D Hall ,G Hill

Roxanne Keynejad, ST4-6 , Tesera Bitew ,Adiyam Mulushoa ,, Eshcolewyine Fekadu ,Bronwyn Myers, Katherine Sorsdahl, Simone Honikman ,Girmay Medhin ,Wietse Tol ,Nick Sevdalis ,Louise Howard ,Charlotte Hanlon

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