Technology use and the mental health of children and young people

CR225, January 2020

This report explores the use of technology among children and young people. As well as looking at the impact of screen time, the area that most previous publications on this topic have focused on, this Report also

  • looks at the impact of different types of screen use on the mental health of children and young people including:
  • negative content
  • how vulnerable groups may be affected such as those with mental health problems and very young children
  • potential for bullying and safeguarding issues
  • the potential for addiction.

The report also provides practical guidance to children and young people, parents and carers, clinicians and teachers on this issue. In addition, it makes recommendations, including a number aimed at government and technology companies so that the risks associated with the use of technology for this age group are robustly tackled at the same time as its benefits are maximised.

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