Bumper year for raising awareness of mental health issues in the devolved nations

Online news
15 December 2020

Mental health has been firmly on the news agenda in the devolved nations, this year. 

Media coverage raising the profile of psychiatry in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland increased significantly - in the past 12 months.  

Highlights include the Choose Psychiatry Scotland campaign, which generated 110 pieces of press coverage, e.g. BBC News, and reached 19.5m people. 

Similarly, the Scottish manifesto was covered by most national newspapers, e.g. The Herald, and had a reach of more than 600k.  

This resulted in questions and motions being raised in the Scottish Parliament, on both campaigns.

In Northern Ireland, the mental health of new mothers featured heavily in the media throughout the year. Perinatal services have now been promised more funding for specialist community teams. 

And recently the new chair, Dr Richard Wilson made his debut on BBC Radio NI’s popular Evening Extra show, discussing the effects of the pandemic on the nation’s mental health. 

Again, the COVID-19 crisis dominated the news in Wales with several broadcast interviews with leading psychiatrists on the BBC and ITV. 

Moving away from the pandemic, Dr Jacinta Tan teamed up with ex-model turned Youtube Vlogger, Jessica Davies for a special BBC Wales report on body image and social media for Eating Disorders Awareness Week.