PQN Inpatient Annual Report 2021

CCQI news
26 November 2021

The Perinatal Quality Network (PQN) is one of the quality networks within the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI). As a quality network, the PQN collaborates with professionals and patient representatives to produce two sets of standards (one for inpatient services and one for community services), the PQN then reviews and accredits perinatal services across the UK based on adherence to these standards.  

The PQN Inpatient Annual Report summarises the results of 18 inpatient reviews that took place between March 2020 and February 2021. Cycle 13 was due to run from March to May 2020 but all face-to-face reviews were cancelled due to restrictions brought about by COVID-19. Within this report you will find a summary of adherence to our 7th Edition of the PQN Inpatient Standards.

The PQN Inpatient Annual Report examines contextual data obtained from all services and highlights key achievements and areas for improvement across services from each domain of the Seventh Edition of the PQN Inpatient Standards, which covers:

  1. Access and admission
  2. Environment and facilities
  3. Staffing and training
  4. Care and treatment
  5. Information, confidentiality and consent
  6. Rights and safeguarding
  7. Audit and policy
  8. Discharge

Included throughout the report are quotes from mothers, significant others/family members, and staff members, as well as examples of good practice, and recommendations for standards which were consistently not met by all services.

This report is a standalone report and does not provide comparison with the previous cycle. This decision was made in light of the pandemic and the changes the network had to make to the review process but also the changes services had to make to their service provision.

To find out more you can access and download the PQN Inpatient Annual Report on our website.