Improving patient and carer involvement within liaison psychiatry

08 November 2022
The Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network are very excited to share our new resource – the patient and carer workbook. 

PLAN has a number of standards regarding patient and carer involvement which a number of members teams struggled to meet. 

To support with this, PLAN held two lunch and learn sessions by two of our patient representatives, Chris and Leanne, on what teams can do to improve this.

Following this, PLAN has developed the information into a practical workbook to support teams to help improve patient and carer involvement. The workbook contains ideas and tips, as well as action planning sections so teams can look at activities/tasks that would benefit from lived experience involvement, as well as how to recruit and support those that are involved in the team. 

This is one way PLAN are looking to support our members to meet some of the more difficult standards. 

Members are able to access the resource from the library in online discussion forum Knowledge Hub. (Opens in a new page)

For further information, please contact: