About ACP 360

Learn more about ACP 360 and how to join.

The ACP 360 assessment combines feedback from colleagues, patients and a self-assessment to support your appraisal, revalidation and professional development. The assessment is intended to be formative and there is no 'pass' or 'fail' grade.

Feedback is collected via online questionnaires - the questionnaire for patients can also be printed and returned by post or email.

Once all feedback is received, the system can promptly generate a detailed report that benchmarks your scores against all other participating psychiatrist and patient scores. Qualitative feedback from both colleagues and patients is also included.

  • It’s the only tool designed and validated for psychiatrists by psychiatrists – The psychometric properties of ACP 360 have been tested and our expert tools have been validated by research – the results were published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. It’s designed specifically for psychiatrists and is the only product endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • It offers the best value for money Membership terms last for 5-years and there are no limits on the number of assessments that members can complete or the number of reports they can receive in that time.
  • It’s the only tool that provides benchmarked feedback for psychiatrists – Each psychiatrist receives results in the context of benchmarks from thousands of other consultant psychiatrists.
  • It’s easy to use – Over 5,000 psychiatrists have registered with us. 95% of participants agree that the instructions are easy to follow and that no training is required to take part.
  • It provides detailed and in-depth feedback – The report systematically collates feedback from colleagues and patients on the key domains. Colleagues and patients can provide free text comments on a participant’s areas of strength and areas for improvement. The report can be incorporated into an appraisal and revalidation portfolio.
  • It’s suitable for all psychiatrists – In addition to the General Adult assessment type, we have assessments for CAMHS and LD psychiatrists. The assessment for LD psychiatrists includes a appropriate questionnaire for their patients.
  • It provides multiple report types – If it is not possible to collect patient feedback, subscribers have the option of generating a version of the report that excludes this section known as a '270 report'. Conversely, the system can also produce a 'patient report' – a report that only shows patient feedback.

To submit a registration:

  1. Visit the ACP 360 system website.
  2. Click 'Join Us', then 'Start new registration' then enter and submit your details.
  3. Make a payment to complete your registration - Either:
    • Call the ACP 360 team to make a card payment - Telephone 0208 618 4029
    • Await emailed confirmation that your application has been pre-approved and make a payment online – we’ll email you within 48 hours and will provide a link for payment.

Before you register, you may wish to check if you’re eligible for registration by your organisation, who may cover the fee to join (you can still register independently if you prefer). You can review a list of our organisation members here.

    All ACP 360 members benefit from a membership term that lasts five years. There are no additional costs within this term and members can undertake as many assessment as this wish.

    Fees for 2024

    Subscription typeCost (5-year membership term)Works out at...
    Individual consultants£154£30.80 a year
    Returning members£145*£29 a year
    Consultants registered by their organisation£121 + VAT£29 a year

    *Please note that this price is only valid for renewals that occur within one year of a membership expiring.

    The ACP 360 assessment is comprised of a self-assessment alongside feedback from colleagues and patients. The self-assessment and colleague questionnaire cover the same questions. In addition, colleagues are invited to provide free text comments on areas of strength and areas for improvement. Patients complete a shorter questionnaire and have the option of providing free text comments too.

    The ACP 360 assessment covers eight domains:

    • Communication
    • Availability
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Decision-making
    • Relationships with service users
    • Relationships with relatives/carers
    • Relationships with other psychiatrists
    • Relationships with their team

    Feedback is submitted via online questionnaires, though patients have the option of returning a printed version of their questionnaire if they are not able access the system online.

    Once sufficient responses have been received, the system promptly generates a report presenting your results in the context of national benchmarks. 

    If it is not possible to collect patient feedback, you have the option of generating a version of the report that excludes this section, known as a '270 report'. You may also use ACP 360 to produce a 'patient report' - a report that only shows patient feedback. 

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