Multi-source Assessment for Psychiatrists (ACP 360)

ACP 360 is our 360-degree feedback system which helps you log the feedback you need for appraisal and revalidation.

The tool will help you with personal development by providing structured feedback in two of the GMC’s core domains – working with colleagues and relating to patients. Our tool is backed by research and designed by psychiatrists for psychiatrists. ACP 360 is intended for consultants and SAS doctors.

Why choose ACP 360?

  • Organisation reporting – We are pleased to launch the function of organisation reporting, which allows organisation members to see how their doctors have performed against all other psychiatrists on the system over a period of time. See more information below. 
  • It’s the only tool designed and validated for psychiatrists by psychiatrists – The psychometric properties of ACP 360 have been tested and our expertise tools have been validated by research. The results were published in  the British Journal of Psychiatry. It’s designed specifically for psychiatrists and is the only product endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • It offers the best value for money – membership terms last for 5-years and there are no limits on the number of assessments that members can complete or the number of reports they can receive in that time.
  • It’s the only tool that provides benchmarked feedback for psychiatrists – Each psychiatrist receives results in the context of benchmarks from thousands of other consultant psychiatrists.
  • It’s easy to use – Over 5,000 psychiatrists have registered with us. 95% of participants agree that the instructions are easy to follow and that no training is required to take part.
  • It provides detailed and in-depth feedback – The report systematically collates feedback from colleagues and patients on the key domains. Colleagues and patients can provide free text comments on a participant’s areas of strength and areas for improvement. The report can be incorporated into an appraisal and revalidation portfolio.
  • It’s suitable for all psychiatrists – We have versions of ACP 360 for CAMHS psychiatrists and for psychiatrists for people with disability, and you can specify on the enrolment form if you would like either one of these. If you do not see patients, we can also offer an appraisal based on self-assessment and colleague feedback.

How much is a subscription?

Please note that ACP 360 is intended for consultants and SAS doctors only.

All membership terms last 5-years and members can undertake as many assessments and receive as many reports as they wish in this time. 

SubscriptionCost (5 year subscription)Works out at...
Individual consultants£144

£28.80 a year

Returning members£135*£27 a year
Consultants registered by their organisation£112.5 + VAT£27 a year

*Please note that this price is only valid for renewals that occur within one year of a membership expiring.

How do I register?

To submit a registration:

  1. Visit the ACP 360 website.
  2. Click Join Us and register a new account.
  3. Call the ACP 360 team to make a payment over the phone, on 0208 618 4029.
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Guidance on submitting ACP 360 patient feedback

As of March 2022, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has introduced a hybrid model of work, where staff continue to work from home for part of the week. Therefore, we encourage all consultants completing feedback to use their ACP 360 dashboard to input patient email addresses for them to complete feedback online. This is the most efficient method to collect feedback and complete an assessment in a timely manner.

However, we will continue to accept questionnaires that are posted or emailed to the College, for a member of staff to input into your assessment. For more information, please see below:

  • If submitting patient feedback via your ACP 360 dashboard is not possible, we recommend you do the following:
    • Print off paper copies and distribute to your patients (either via post or in person)
    • Include an envelope that patients can put their completed feedback forms into
    • Ask another member of staff (e.g. secretary, ward admin) to collect the completed feedback forms to ensure patient confidentiality is maintained
    • Ask the member of staff to scan completed forms and email to us at Forms can be emailed in bulk once all responses have been collated, or they can be emailed individually as and when they are completed (though please do keep track of which ones have been sent to avoid duplication)
    • Address any post to:

      ACP 360
      The Royal College of Psychiatrists
      Centre for Quality Improvement
      21 Prescot Street
      London, E1 8BB

  • If you are struggling to collect patient feedback, you are able to access a 270 report which will contain the feedback from your colleagues.
  • Remember, there is no time limit on your assessment (only your account, which is valid for 5 years), so you can keep this open as long as you need to.
  • If you are still struggling to collect and collate your patient feedback, please contact the team for further advice using the email address above or by calling 0208 618 4029.
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