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Important information regarding COVID-19

Please see the following message in light of the recent announcement that the College will be temporarily closed from 27 March, and all staff have been instructed to work from home:

Although ACP 360 is an online platform and the team can carry out the majority of the work remotely, we are still expecting some reduction and disruption to the service we’re able to provide – namely receiving patient feedback forms in the post.

Therefore, please be aware that we will no longer be accepting hard copies of the patient feedback form via post. This includes any forms that have been posted prior to 13 March 2020 and may currently be in transit.

If you have recently posted your feedback forms, we cannot guarantee these will be inputted and you may need to ask your patients to complete the form again.

If you are able to, we strongly encourage you to input patient email addresses on your dashboard so they can complete the feedback form online. If this is not possible, then we will be accepting scanned copies of the questionnaire during this time – please email any questionnaires to You can either email them in bulk once you have collated all responses, or you can email them individually as and when they are completed.

To ensure patient confidentiality is maintained, we recommend that you ask your patients to return their feedback forms to another member of staff (e.g. secretary, ward admin), or deposit them into a feedback box. You can then ask another member of staff to scan in the forms and email them to us.

Just as a reminder, if you are struggling to collect patient feedback, you are able to access a 270 report which will contain the feedback from your colleagues.

Please accept our apologies for any disruption and inconvenience this will cause. All decisions have been made with the best interests of College staff, members, and patients in mind.

About ACP 360

ACP 360 is our 360-degree multi-source feedback tool for consultant psychiatrists.

The tool will help you with personal development by providing structured feedback in two of the GMC’s core domains – working with colleagues and relating to patients.

For further information, see our frequently asked questions.

ACP 360 is our 360-degree feedback system which helps you log the feedback you need for appraisal and revalidation.

ACP 360 covers eight domains:

  • Communication
  • Availability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Decision-making
  • Relationships with service users
  • Relationships with relatives/carers
  • Relationships with other psychiatrists
  • Relationships with their team

Once data have been collected, you get a report presenting your results, and showing your results in the context of national benchmarks.

Quick guide to the ACP 360 process. (pdf)


Over 5,000 psychiatrists have registered with us.

Multi-source feedback is the best way of assessing certain aspects of good medical practice as defined by the GMC.

Revalidation now requires psychiatrists to participate in an independent appraisal such as ACP 360.

It’s the only tool designed and validated for psychiatrists by psychiatrists

The psychometric properties of ACP 360 have been tested and our expertise tools have been validated by research - the results were published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

It’s designed specifically for psychiatrists and is the only product endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

It offers the best value for money

For consultants registered as an individual, a 5-year registration period is only £132 (including VAT) - less than £27 a year.

Returning members get a discounted renewal price of £119 (including VAT).

For consultants registered by their organisation, a 5-year registration is just £99 + VAT – less than £24 a year.

Offers are available for new organisations enrolling consultants – get in touch with the ACP 360 team for more details.

It’s the only tool that provides benchmarked feedback for psychiatrists

Each psychiatrist receives results in the context of benchmarks from thousands of other consultant psychiatrists.

It’s easy to use

95% of participants agree that the instructions are easy to follow and that no training is required to take part.

It provides detailed and in-depth feedback

The report systematically collates feedback from colleagues and patients on the key domains.

Colleagues and patients can provide free text comments on a participant’s areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The report can be incorporated into an appraisal and revalidation portfolio.

It’s suitable for ALL psychiatrists

We have versions of ACP 360 for CAMHS psychiatrists and for psychiatrists for people with disability - please specify on the enrolment form if you would like either one of these.

If you do not see patients, we can also offer a appraisal based on self-assessment and colleague feedback.

Sample reports and questionnaires:

If you would like to receive a sample copy of one of our reports, or a feedback questionnaire for patients or colleagues, please email your request to, confirming your speciality (general adult, CAMHS or learning disability)

To submit a registration, visit the ACP 360 website.

A five-year registration period is only £132 and returning members get a discounted renewal price of £119.

You can call the team to make the payment after you have registered your details on the ACP 360 website

For Organisations registering consultants, ACP 360 is £99 + VAT per consultant.

Once enrolled, you will receive your log in details and can get started!

See our quick guide on how to begin your assessment for more details.
'It is very user friendly.’

‘I found it to be easy to use and the report generated was very user friendly and comprehensive.’

‘ACP 360 is the best Appraisal System, I always feel far more contented when my 360 is done through the College.’

‘Customer support phone line was answered quickly without any delays. Most impressed.’

'I used the findings to reflect on my practice and to identify areas where I could change.'

'I noticed that my colleagues' and my patients' views were very different than the way I see my practice. I have tried to listen more.'

'I have found the feedback on areas I need to improve quite motivating and have since endeavoured to improve on them.'

'I used my results as evidence for my application for a Clinical Excellence award.'

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ACP 360
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