What is NAD?

We are commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership on behalf of NHS England and the Welsh Government, as part of the National Clinical Audit Programme.

We measure the performance of general hospitals against criteria relating to care delivery which are known to impact people with dementia while in hospital.

These criteria (standards) are from national and professional guidance, including NICE Quality Standards and guidance, the Dementia Friendly Hospitals charter, and reports from the Alzheimer’s Society, Age Concern and Royal Colleges.

We update the standards every round of audit. View the  standards that will be audited during Round 4 of the National Audit of Dementia.

All general acute hospitals which provide general acute services on more than one ward to people over the age of 65 in England and Wales.

Data is analysed by us and reported at national and Trust/Health Board level.

The reports are designed for:

  • People who receive care or provide care for someone
  • People involved in providing care
  • People involved in commissioning care
  • People who regulate care.

We produce national, local and hospital reports.

We also run quality improvement workshops and provide action planning toolkits to help hospitals use quality improvement methods to drive changes specific to their needs.

Data collection for round 4 of the audit has now closed and the reports will be released in 2019.

You can also view the tools and reports from  three previous rounds of audit:

  • Third round of audit (2015-2017)
  • Second round of audit (2012-2013)
  • First round of audit (2010-2011).

We're managed by the Centre for Quality Improvement, working in close partnership with professional and service user representatives. We work with professional bodies, voluntary sector providers and campaigning organisations.

Our partner organisations

Each of the partner organisations collaborating in the audit are represented on our Steering Group.

The Steering Group's role is to oversee the audit and to advise on all aspects of the project including:

  • Standards
  • Methodology
  • Audit process
  • Recruitment of services
  • Reports and publications
  • Liaison with other key bodies such as the Department of Health and Welsh Government.


  • Professor Peter Crome, Honorary Professor, UCL, Emeritus Professor, Keele University (Chair)
  • Professor Dawn Brooker, Director, University of Worcester Association for Dementia
  • Mary Bruce, Senior Lecturer, Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester
  • Dr Amanda Buttery, Programme Manager Eastern Academic Health Science Network/Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • James Campbell, Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
  • Teena Chowdhury, Operations Director, Audit & Accreditation, Royal College of Physicians
  • Angela Connelly, Carer Representative
  • Dr Oliver Corrado, Consultant Geriatrician and Leeds Teaching Hospitals ‘Dementia Champion’ (NAD Clinical Lead)
  • Hilary Doxford, Service User Representative, Member of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador
  • Dr Duncan Forsyth, Consultant Geriatrician, Cambridge University Hospitals/British Geriatrics Society
  • Dawne Garrett, Professional Lead for Older People and Dementia Care, Royal College of Nursing
  • Tom Gentry, Joint Head of Health Influencing, Age UK
  • Nicci Gerrard, Carer Representative, John’s Campaign
  • Jayne Goodrick, Carer Representative
  • Sam Harper, Programme Manager, Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
  • Professor Rowan Harwood, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Nottingham University Hospitals
  • Kelly Kaye, Partnership Manager, Dementia Action Alliance
  • Sean Page, Consultant Nurse – Dementia, Wrexham Maelor Hospital
  • Sue Pierlejewski, Carer Representative
  • Chris Roberts, Service User Representative, Member of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador
  • Shelagh Robinson, Service User Representative, Member of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, Alzheimer’s Society User Involvement Board
  • Kapila Sachdev, Consultant Psychiatrist, Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry, Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Beth Swanson, Lead Nurse, The James Cook University Hospital (Nurse Consultant to the audit)
  • Gavin Terry, Policy Manager, Alzheimer’s Society
  • Daphne Wallace, Living with Dementia Group

Conflicts of interest:

Members of the Steering Group are asked to declare any conflicts of interest at the outset and prior to each meeting. This is included as a standing item on the agenda. Should a conflict of interest affecting the conduct or results of audit be declared, the member may be asked to absent themselves from all or part of the discussion, at the meeting and subsequently. Please refer to the conflicts of interest policy for further information. 

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