Quality improvement (QI)

NCAP QI Collaborative Second Round (May 2024 – May 2025)

The College’s Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) is happy to present the second round of the NCAP Quality Improvement (QI) collaborative for EIP and CYP teams which will take place between May 2024 and May 2025.

The collaborative consists of enhanced and core programmes:

Enhanced programme

We are offering six teams the opportunity to receive a year of free one-to-one coaching from one of the QI coaches. Successful teams will be asked to showcase their improvement journey to attendees at the four online shared learning events throughout the 12-month programme.

Teams can apply to the enhanced programme with any improvement project ideas that align with any of the NCAP key standards.

To register, please download and complete the form attached below and return it to NCAPQI@rcpsych.ac.uk. The deadline for registration is Tuesday 12 March 2024 at 5pm.

Core programme

In addition to the enhanced programme, we are offering and opening a core programme to any NCAP EIP or CYP team. If you want to learn how to use the Model for Improvement to tackle any aspect of your service’s performance against the NCAP key standards, we will be offering a range of support, including:

  • Monthly drop-in coaching sessions
  • Pocket QI training
  • Online QI resources via a dedicated webpage.

For more details, please refer to the recording of the online information session below:

The first round of QI collaborative was successfully completed in February 2024. It involved three shared virtual learning sessions which were open to all NCAP participating teams and aimed at sharing improvement ideas that can benefit all NCAP teams nationally.

To conclude the first round of QI collaborative, a final shared learning session was held on 22 February 2024, where twelve QI teams summarised their projects over the past year. Below are the slides used in teams' presentations, and a  video recording of the online session:


The following is a recording of the first shared virtual learning session held on 11 July 2023.


The following is a workbook template for the enhanced programme of NCAP QI collaborative.

NCAP QI team workbook 2024

The Lester Positive Cardiometabolic Health Resource (Lester tool) provides practitioners with a simple assessment and intervention framework to protect the cardiovascular and metabolic health of patients with severe mental illness receiving antipsychotic medication.

Adapted for UK use from an original Australian resource, in a process led by the late Professor Helen Lester, this resource has been produced through collaboration between the Royal Colleges of General Practitioners and of Psychiatrists.

The Lester resource was recently updated with NHS England and Public Health England and is being used in the current NHS mental health Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN).

Download a PDF of the Positive Cardiometabolic Health Resource

presentation from the NCAP Service User Advisor Veenu Gupta on the results from the Service User Survey. This was presented at the EIPN Forum Tuesday 30 June 2020.


These QI webinars are designed for EIP services, QI and governance personnel, EIP team clinicians and other interested staff.

Following the publication of the report for the 2020/21 EIP audit, two QI webinars were organised for England (29 July 2021) and Wales (16 September 2021) respectively. These webinars focused on service experiences in the recording and use of outcome measures, and the challenges of improving take up and reducing refusal rates of interventions.

The following is a recording of the webinar for English teams held on 29 July 2021.

The focus of these webinars was on 'outcome measurement' from the EIP audit, what we are measuring and why, and how data can be used to review and improve EIP team quality and individual care. Webinars were led by NCAP EIP Clinical Advisors Dr Paul French and Professor Jo Smith, EYE-2 Chief Investigator Professor Kathryn Greenwood, and QI expert Maureen McGeorge.

If you would like to know more about the presenters, please refer to their biographies.

This is a compilation from our five regional quality improvement webinars.

Webinar #1 is introduced by Dr Paul French and features presentations by Professor Kathryn Greenwood and Maureen McGeorge.

Webinar #2 features a presentation by Dr Paul French on the NCAP National report outcomes data, a Q&A and an interactive discussion session hosted by Dr Paul French, Maureen McGeorge and Professor Jo Smith.

Accompanying documents

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