Early Intervention in Psychosis Network (EIPN)

EIPN is a quality improvement and accreditation network for early intervention in psychosis teams in the UK.

We engage EIP teams in a self- and peer-review process against our Standards for Early Intervention in Psychosis Services. 

Our standards form the framework by which we assess the quality of care and service provided by EIP teams and share good practice.

We are recruiting!

We are very pleased to announce that recruitment to the EIPN Advisory Group and Accreditation Committee is now open. The combined group meets roughly quarterly to discuss network developments, plan events, and uphold EIPN standards by reviewing information submitted by services in support of their accreditation by the network. 

All applicants should ideally be from services who are members of EIPN to ensure familiarity with our processes and standards. You are welcome to contact the project team if you have any questions about the roles.

Please read the terms of reference for the Advisory Group and for the Accreditation Committee. 

Please return your completed form to EIPN@rcpsych.ac.uk


Closing date for applications is midday on Friday 24 March 2023.



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