About the EIP Network


We are accepting new members on a rolling basis during 2021/22. If you're interested in joining, please get in touch with us and we can arrange a call to give you further information and talk you through the review process.

The cost of membership is dependent on the size of your service and number of sub-teams. Further information about 2021 pricing can be found in our membership document.

We assess quality of care in EIP teams using our Standards for Early Intervention in Psychosis Services by a process of self- and peer-review. We offer supportive developmental membership and accreditation membership.

We are the network for EIP teams in the UK and we help individuals and teams share good practice, through annual conferences, peer-review visits, training and online discussion.

Developmental Review




We can bring a wide range of benefits to your EIP team including

  • Improving quality, safety and efficiency within the EIP team
  • Involving a wide range of stakeholders, including staff from all professional backgrounds, service users and their carers in peer-review visits
  • Promoting the sharing of good practice with members
  • Supporting the professional development of staff through offering free peer-reviewer training and special interest days
  • Attendance at our annual forum where we discuss findings across the network and share development ideas.
  • Regular newsletters to which we encourage EIP teams to submit articles.
  • Use the review process to help secure additional funding or new contracts

A key role for service users is to ensure that the views and experiences of service users using early intervention services are used to inform and guide the work we do.

Similarly, carer representatives ensure that the voices of the families and friends of service users are heard in discussions about service development.

Our aim is to have a service user and/or carer representative attend peer-reviews as part of a external review team and they take part in discussions with staff, senior managers, and chair meetings with service users/carers of other EIP teams across the UK.
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