What we do

Community of Communities combines a review cycle with the benefits of a peer-support network. Standards are agreed each year and then applied through a process of self-review and external peer-review where members visit each other’s services.

The peer-review process allows for greater discussion on aspects of the service and provides an opportunity to learn from each other in a way that might not be possible in a visit by an inspectorate.

The results are fed back in local and national reports and action is taken to address any development needs that have been identified. The process is ongoing rather than a single iteration.

In addition to our annual review cycle, Community of Communities provides a process for accreditation. More information about this can be found on our Membership section.

We also hold a number of events throughout the year aimed at benefitting our members. The Community of Communities Annual Forum is the biggest gathering of its kind and enables Therapeutic Community (TC) people to meet others in similar settings to reflect on practice, exchange ideas and support each other to meet the demands of modern TC practice.

In addition to this we run a number of workshops and training days over the year which are designed to support members to develop and share Therapeutic Community practice within the context of Community of Communities. Full details about our catalogue of events can be found on our Training and Events page.

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