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ECTAS collects data on a continuous basis to compile a comprehensive dataset of ECT treatment in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

You can view copies of dataset reports and submit your data below.

Data on the use of ECT treatment in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is published each year by the ECTAS team. 

Data collection began in 2012. You can download copies of all published dataset reports below.

The dataset is voluntary and does not form part of the data collection required for accreditation.  However, it is because of the dedication and hard work of ECTAS member clinics that we have been able to collect such a comprehensive dataset in previous years, and we greatly value your contribution.

Acute ECT dataset

2018/2019 data collection for acute courses of ECT runs from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

You will need to enter one questionnaire for every patient who has FINISHED an acute course of ECT during the data collection period. 

Please use this online form to submit data.

If you would like a reminder of your log in details please contact the ECTAS team.

Please do not use this questionnaire to enter data about patients receiving maintenance or continuation ECT.  

Maintenance ECT dataset

Data collection for maintenance ECT will open in March 2019.  You will need to submit one questionnaire for every patient receiving maintenance ECT in March 2019.

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