Suicide prevention for mental health patients

A key focus area of the Suicide Prevention Programme is people who use mental health services. A third of people who die by suicide are in contact with services.   

Here you’ll find links to relevant research about people who use mental health services who die by suicide and examples of good practice from local areas in the programme to prevent suicide in mental health patients.

Examples of good practice

Research and evidence

Based on over 20 years of research evidence from studies of mental health services, primary care and accident and emergency departments, NCISH have developed a list of 10 key elements for safer care for patients:

NCISH infographic: 10 key elements for safer care for patients

These recommendations have been shown to reduce suicide rates. If you are a mental health care provider, you can use the Safer Services toolkit, which is based on these 10 key elements, to evaluate your current suicide prevention efforts against NCISH recommendations.