Become a CESR Evaluator

Committee Members and CESR Evaluators

The Equivalence Committee’s main purpose is to assess applications received under the CESR route and send recommendations to the General Medical Council regarding individual applications for Specialist Registration in Psychiatry.

Equivalence committee members are made up from representatives from the Specialty Doctor's Committee, the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee and Faculty members representing each psychiatric specialty. CESR Evaluators are also expected to attend Committee meetings.

How to join the Equivalence Committee and become a CESR evaluator

In order to be a CESR evaluator, you must:

  • Be a Member, Fellow, or Specialist Associate of the College and in good standing
  • Hold Specialist Registration with the GMC
  • Have held a substantive consultant post for at least a year
  • Have a good level of computer literacy
  • Be able to commit to being a CESR Evaluator for at least a year

Applications from retired consultants are welcome.

You will also need to supply the following documents:

  • College certificate of good standing for CPD
  • Completed Confirmation of Good Standing Form
  • Evidence of equality and diversity training undertaken in the last three years
  • A letter of good standing from your current Medical or Clinical Director (not required for retired applicants)
  • Two anonymised tribunal/court reports, case histories, or similar documents which demonstrate your ability to write clear, thorough and detailed reports 

You can send this all to Elizabeth Boxall , CESR and Training Coordinator at RCPsych.

For more information on the Committee, it's remit and to see it's current officers please see The Equivalence Committee page.

New Evaluator Training

All new evaluators are required to undertake CESR evaluator training as part of their induction into the committee. They are often run twice a year prior to Equivalence Committee meetings. Committee meetings are typically held in March and November with virtual Evaluator training often taking place in February and October. 

If there is sufficient demand we will host ad-hoc training days. 

Next training day is due to be held in October 2021.


    If you would like to know more about the Equivalence Committee, please contact Liz Boxall, CESR and Training Coordinator at or on 020 8618 4170

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