Dean and Treasurer election results announced

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13 January 2021

Professor Subodh Dave and Professor John Crichton have been elected as the next Dean and Treasurer of the College.

Voting in the Dean and Treasurer elections, which opened in mid-December, closed at noon today. Both elections used the Single Transferable Vote electoral system, with multiple rounds where votes from eliminated candidates were re-cast to the remaining candidates.

The College is pleased to announce that the next College Dean will be Professor Subodh Dave who received 43% of the votes in the first round, finishing with 57% of the votes in the third round (after votes had been re-cast). 

In the election for Treasurer, the College is equally pleased to announce that Professor John Crichton won. He received 35.2% of the votes in the first round, finishing with 46% of the votes in the second round (after votes had been recast).

The turnouts for the elections were 24.1% for the Dean election and 21.4% for the Treasurer election. A summary of the results is shown below. Detailed results are also in the Civica Election Services report.

Both Professor Dave and Professor Crichton will take up their posts in the summer, taking over from Dr Kate Lovett and Dr Jan Falkowski respectively, and will serve five-year terms.

The College wishes to thank all candidates for two well-contested elections and also would like to acknowledge all those who took the time to vote in all of the elections that have taken place recently (including elections for Faculties, Divisions and Devolved Councils, which featured increased turnout compared to last year).

Election results in full

Election results for Dean

First-round results:

  • Professor Subodh Dave – 43%
  • Dr Chris O'Loughlin – 22%
  • Professor Nandini Chakraborty – 19%
  • Dr John Russell – 16%
Subodh won on the third round (after votes for Professor Chakraborty and Dr Russell were re-cast) with the result being:

  • Professor Subodh Dave – 57%
  • Dr Chris O'Loughlin – 33%

Elections results for Treasurer

First-round results:

  • Professor John Crichton – 35.2%
  • Dr Lenny Cornwall  – 34.7%
  • Dr Anand Ramakrishnan – 30.0%
John won on the second round (after votes for Dr Ramakrishnan were re-cast) with the result being:

  • Professor John Crichton – 46.0%
  • Dr Lenny Cornwall  – 43.6%