South west asylums: where are they now?

Since the mid-1800s the south west and Channel Islands have been home to around twenty asylums. Almost all have now been closed and demolished or redeveloped.

HospitalDate closedDemolishedComments
Barrow Gurney Hospital20062017Built 1930's as second Bristol asylum. Site used for housing development.
Glenside Hospital1993 merged with Manor Park Old buildings now UWE health care campus. Part of campus still psychiatric hospital. Chapel houses Glenside Museum. Manor Park now redeveloped as housing.
Channel Islands
St Juliens, St Peter le Port, GuernseyClosed Town asylum which became the Guernsey asylum for men. Now a hostel or hotel.
Castel Hospital, Guernsey2021 Guernsey General Hospital, with ward for female psychiatric patients. lunatics. Became main psychiatric hospital.
St Saviours Hospital, JerseyClosed Built in 1868 as Island Asylum. Current main psychiatric ward built in grounds.
St Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin2002PartlyThe 1815 Cornwall County Asylum. Now converted to housing.
Exminster1986PartlyDevon county asylum, converted to housing.
Exe Vale Hospital (Digby), Exeter1986 former Exeter City Pauper Asylum. Now private apartments.
Wonford House, Exeter  Built as charity hospital in 1869 to replace St Thomas (opened in 1801, now demolished). Now the main Devon psychiatric hospital.
Star Cross Hospital, Devon1986TotallyThe only Victorian 'idiot asylum' in the South West and the first large Mental Handicap Hospital to close in England. Now housing site. Its 1950's annex, Langdon Hospital converted to a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.
Forston Asylum, Dorchester1895PartlyResidence converted to be Dorset's first asylum. Now back to being a private residence.
Herrison Hospital, Dorchester1992 Second Dorset county asylum. Converted to Housing Development
Horton Rd Hospital , Gloucester1988 Old 1823 asylum now converted to housing. Modern Wotton Lawn Psychiatric Hospital built in grounds.
Coney Hill Hospital,1994 Second Gloucestershire Asylum. Now private apartments
Moorhaven1993PartlyPlymouth City Asylum. Converted to gated community development. Retains original cemetery cared for by community residents.
Mendip Hospital, Wells1991 First Somerset County Asylum. Converted to housing.
Tone Vale1995PartlySomerset's second asylum. Converted to housing.
Roundway Hospital, Devizes1985PartlyThe Wiltshire County asylum – now private housing. Modern Green Lane Psychiatric Hospital built in its grounds.
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