Innovation and sharing ideas

The South West Division is passionate about encouraging members of the division to innovate and share great ideas with each other.

If there is an idea you've introduced which has improved patient care and/or made your practice more effective - we want to hear about it.

Why innovate?

  • Innovation leads to improvement in patient care
  • Getting involved in innovating leads to a more varied and fulfilling career
  • We run annual competitions where the best innovations are recognised
  • You can include your work in your CPD records

Do you have an innovation?

Submit your proposal of up to 200 words to the include how it was delivered and the resulting changes. Your proposal will be peer review considered, taking into account how easy it would be for others to reproduce.

If your proposal is successful

  • We will share it online
  • It will be published in the South West Division eNewsletter
  • We will promote it on our social media channels

If your idea is adopted by others, both adoptee and the proposer will receive certificates of successful implementation of innovation at a South West Autumn Biannual Meeting.

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