South West division biannual meetings

High-quality scientific conferences are held in the spring and autumn each year, usually in Devon and Bristol.

Upcoming events

We are delighted to announce that the Autumn Biannual Meeting will be held on 13 November 2020 as a virtual event.  We are also pleased to confirm that Dr Dheeraj Rai and Dr Elizabeth Ewins will once again act as course leads.

The topic of the event will be: COVID-19 and psychiatry: lessons from research and implications for practice.

The day will include up-to-date research and updates on the neuropsychiatric sequelae of Covid-19 and lessons learnt to inform psychiatric practice going forward in the new normal world.

Previous biannual meetings

November 2019: 'Ages and Stages of Psychosis'

Dr Dheeraj Rai and Dr Elizabeth Ewins led this conference, which explored how psychosis affects our patients across their lifetime. In the morning, delegates were updated on how patients with a First Episode Psychosis differ and the importance of the tailored treatments of Early Intervention services. There then was an update on cannabis and psychosis, followed by the latest on future treatments and the novel use of Avatar therapy. Delegates then heard from a national expert on treatment resistant psychosis and then had a session on late onset psychosis, and how this can best be treated. Finally, there was an update on psychosis in migrant and refugee populations.

Spring 2019: 'Creating Safer Services and Maintaining Joy in our Work: Developing Resilience in Psychiatry'

Dr Ellen Wilkinson and Dr Helen Smith led this highly inspiring event and speakers included: Carrie Biddle, Dr Arun Chidambaram, James Wright, Gemma Rust, Dr Theresa Tattan, Dr Jason Hancock, Dr Ross Runciman, Dr Brenda Wasunna-Smith, Dr David Viira, Dr Ian Rodin, Dr Mark Harrison, Sally Pritchard and Sean Jennings.

Autumn 2018: 'Updates on core issues in Psychiatry'

After visiting themes of uncommon psychiatric presentations and neurodevelopment in the last two autumn biannual meetings, this year we returned to diagnostic and therapeutic issues that are at the very core of the practice of all psychiatrists.  Speakers included Professor Wendy Burn, Professor Peter Jones, Dr David Kessler, Professor David Baldwin, Dr Andrea Cipriani and Professor David Taylor, who provided clinically relevant talks to help contribute to evidence-based practice and CPD.

Spring 2018: 'Mental Health research and innovation in the South West'

This exciting day included talks on a variety of topics by speakers including Professor Ray Jones, Professor Richard Byng, Professor Tamsin Ford, Professor Clive Ballard, Dr Craig Newman and Dr Rohit Shankar.

Autumn 2017: 'Neurodevelopment and the Jobbing Psychiatrist'

Leading experts discussed a wide range of issues related to neurodevelopment, arguing how they are relevant to the 'jobbing psychiatrist'. Speakers included Professor Ian Goodyer, Professor Michael O'Donovan, Dr Catherine Winsper, Dr Raja Mukherjee, Dr Dietmar Hank, Dr Peter Carpenter and Dr Tom Berney and the programme covered a wide range of issues including depression, psychosis, borderline personality to autism, Asperger's and ADHD.

Spring 2017: 'Neuroplasticity and neuromodulation in psychiatry - potential for new treatments’

Again, set in the beautiful surroundings of Dartington Hall, the speakers for this excellent day included Dr Jacinta O'Shea, Dr Derek Tracy, Dr Gareth Cuttle and Dr Andrea Malizia, with Dr Richard Laugharne presenting on behalf of Dr Mynors-Wallis.  

Autumn 2016: 'Uncommon psychiatric presentations'

Our speakers for this excellent day included Dr Niraj Ahuja, Dr Christopher Bass, Dr Anish Patel, Professor Paul Salkovskis, Professor David Veale and Dr Jonathan Davies.

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