About Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician training

Update - COVID-19 Special Measures

Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician licence 12 month extension

Further update received on 27/5/20 from the Mental Health Act Approvals Service.

Please note that in line with the Covid-19 temporarily introduced AC & S12(2) Supplementary Instructions received on 14/4/20 all current approved applicants with a pending expiration date up until 31 January 2021 who are unable to attend a renewal course will have their cycle of approval automatically extended by 12 months.

More information and further links can be found on the RCPSych Legal Matters Covid-19 guidance for clinicians web page entitled S12 and Approved Clinician licence 12 month extension.

For any further queries please contact your regional Approvals Lead directly for guidance.

NOW OPEN - New Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician online induction courses

The NEW online Section 12 (2) Induction course is now open for booking. Please visit our registration and frequently asked questions page for further details. 

The NEW online Approved Clinician induction course is now open for booking. Please visit our registration and booking page.


All Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician courses are supported by experienced Solicitors, AMHPs, and Consultant Psychiatrists.

Courses are open to candidates from all professions and are validated by the Mental Health Act Approval Panel England South.

Does completing a course mean I’m accredited?

Attending one of these courses is only part of the process to becoming accredited.

We would advise you to check with your local Section 12 and Approved Clinician Approvals Lead for information on the criteria for approval/re-approval, and to confirm which course is suitable for your requirements before making your booking.

If you are based in the South West Division, you can access more information about Approval under the Mental Health Act 1983 via the Winterhead Ltd website.

Ways to book

You can secure your place on any of these courses by:

  • booking online
  • telephoning the South West Division office on 01761 463979 or
  • posting a cheque to the Division Office along with the relevant registration form

Prior to making a booking, we would ask you to view our cancellation and privacy policies.

Delegates are advised not to book travel/accommodation until you’ve received written confirmation from The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Please contact us on 01761 463979 if you have not received your receipt and joining instructions within 10 days of booking.

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