Highlighting the College’s crisis resources

In a world constantly marked by a multitude of crises, from geopolitical conflicts to natural disasters and global health emergencies, the importance of mental health support cannot be overstated.

In coming together to mark World Mental Health Day this week, the College would like to highlight some of its resources aimed at supporting all those affected by turmoil and distress.

The past months have witnessed a series of heart-wrenching events that have left communities across different regions grappling with unimaginable hardships. In the Middle East the ongoing turmoil and conflict have inflicted profound suffering on people, with countless individuals and families enduring the harrowing consequences of violence.

Meanwhile, in North Africa, the recent flooding in Libya and Morocco has taken a devastating toll, displacing families, damaging homes, and claiming lives, highlighting the urgent need for both immediate relief efforts and long-term resilience strategies.

Additionally, Turkey and Syria were struck by a powerful earthquake, compounding the challenges faced by already vulnerable populations and underscoring the resilience required to rebuild shattered lives.

The ongoing conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh and Sudan remind us of the pressing need for peaceful resolutions and humanitarian efforts in regions marred by instability and suffering. In the face of these tragedies, solidarity, support, and international cooperation are crucial in helping affected communities heal and rebuild.

The College’s international resources

The College's crisis resources are not limited to specific regions and are freely accessible for clinicians, carers and patients.

These resources cover a wide range of topics in a variety of different languages, including:

These resources ensure that mental health professionals are well-prepared to support individuals in distress, regardless of their location.

As we celebrated World Mental Health Day, the RCPsych is committed to supporting those in need and will tirelessly effort to empower mental health professionals and individuals alike, to prioritise mental well-being, especially in times of crisis.

To learn more about our initiatives and resources, please read our blog post written by our International Liaison Manager in honour of World Mental Health Day. In addition, you can listen to an interview with Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri, Presidential Lead for Global Mental Health, on the College’s work internationally.

In times of crisis, our shared humanity shines brightest, uniting us in compassion and solidarity with those facing emergencies, offering hope for a brighter and more resilient tomorrow, recognising that mental health support is an essential pillar of recovery.

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