About us

  1. Raise awareness of the value of understanding the contribution of evolutionary theory to psychiatry
  2. Encourage research into the evolutionary psychiatry
  3. Provide a forum for psychiatrists and others to discuss evolutionary models, research ideas and data with fellow evolutionists
  4. Facilitate networking with academic institutions and evolutionary scientists, biologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and other disciplines such as philosophy
  5. Keep members and supporters of the SIG informed via our webpage and newsletter
  6. Organise workshops, symposia and conferences on evolutionary psychiatry and related subjects
  7. Organise sessions at the WPA and the College's International Congress, as well as with Faculties and Devolved Nations and Divisions.
  • Paul St John-Smith (Chair) 
  • Riadh Abed (Finance Officer)
  • Annie Swanepoel (Associate Newsletter Editor

Minutes of Executive committee meeting - 12 January 2021

Minutes of Executive committee meeting - 7 September 2021

We are keen to recruit new SIG members and people to become members of the core executive committee.

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