About HoPSIG

  • Raise awareness of the value of understanding the history of psychiatry.
  • Encourage research into the history of psychiatry, including the history of the RCPsych.
  • Be a forum for psychiatrists wishing to research HoP, to find others with shared interests and to discuss research ideas and work in progress.
  • Facilitate networking with academic historians.
  • Welcome non-College members who are interested in HoP, including people with medical and non-medical backgrounds.
  • Keep people informed via a webpage and newsletter.
  • Organise workshops and conferences about the history of psychiatry, including about historical methodology and resources.
  • Organise history sessions at annual International Congress, and with Faculties and Divisions.
  • Liaise with, and support, the RCPsych archives department, e.g. producing exhibitions, introducing online systems to facilitate archive access.

Graham Ash – Interim Chair and Hon. Archivist

Peter Carpenter – Finance Officer

Francis Maunze – Archivist

Lydia Thurston – Newsletter Editor

Tom Stephenson – Hon. Secretary and Twitter Manager

Claire Hilton – Historian in Residence

Fiona Watson – Library and Archives Manager

Nicol Ferrier – Newsletter Editor

Alistair Hobson

Rachel Jenkins

Lydia Thurston – Trainee, Newsletter Deputy Editor

John Mason

Ibrahim Mohammed – Trainee

Mutahira Qureshi – Trainee, Newsletter Assistant Editor

Alistair Robson

Angela Rouncefield

If you would like to contribute to the website please contact Claire Hilton.

Please see under ‘Newsletters’ if you would like to write for our newsletter.

We are also on twitter @rcpsychHoPSIG

Send your research queries and ideas to Claire Hilton if you would like to see them posted on our site.
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