Mental Health Alliance Survey on the Mental Health Act

Statement / comment
22 June 2017
RCPsych Statement on Mental Health Alliance Survey on the Mental Health Act

"After years of neglect and underfunding it is great that the Government has promised to make mental health a priority in the NHS. The plan to review mental health law is also an important step, and we especially welcome the acknowledgement that this cannot be rushed, and needs to take into account the views of patients, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.

This survey from the Mental Health Alliance shows an appetite for a review of mental health legislation.

It must be recognised that improving mental health services depends on having sufficient well-trained staff and other resources to meet patients’ needs and aspirations. A review needs to be much broader than just looking at legislation. As part of that review the College fully supports the need for careful reconsideration of the laws, there are two of them in England and Wales, which govern admission to hospital and medical treatment without consent for patients who need it. We will be delighted to help inform, with others, all parts of the process to improve patient care and health outcomes."

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