Statement by President Adrian James on the announcement that Mr Paul Rees has won the Louis Armstrong CEO Leadership Award

Online news
17 September 2020

I am delighted to announce that our chief executive, Paul Rees, has won the Louis Armstrong CEO Leadership Award in the 2020 Memcom Awards for his exceptional work in leading the organisation over the past year.

Since starting his role, Paul has transformed the organisation from within and enhanced its engagement with all its members and stakeholders.

He has led the organisation from strength to strength and increased the impact of the work the College does both with the NHS and healthcare more widely – and also for the profession of psychiatry both nationally and internationally.

We are grateful to have a CEO who has modernised and changed the face of our College to make it a values-driven, diverse and influential organisation. Under Paul’s leadership we seen the RCPsych Annual International Congress win best national conference award, won Charity of the Year in the European Diversity Awards, and won separate awards for the College’s website and for our mental health resources. We have improved the membership experience and our media and influencing work has strengthened considerably. At the heart of this has been our goal to fight for better care and treatment of people with mental illness and promoting mental health awareness nationally and internationally.

These achievements would not have been possible without the vision, the energy and the dynamism of Paul as a Chief Executive, and the substantial strategic interventions and improvements he has led within the organisation, along with systematic work around its processes, driven by values which he designed and implemented.

The word unprecedented has been used a lot recently, but we continue to find ourselves navigating difficult times. Through the COVID-19 pandemic Paul remains a committed, diligent leader and we believe he thoroughly deserves this award.

The College also celebrates a well-deserved win for our Choose Psychiatry campaign which has successfully promoted the image of our profession over the last three years.

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