National Mental Health Debate for Primary Schools - 'Does technology improve your mental health?'

Wales news
08 November 2021

We are delighted to announce our first-ever National Mental Health Debate for Primary Schools, this will be offered as a virtual event to primary schools throughout Wales.

Previous debates that have been hosted by the College have been hugely beneficial, offering young people opportunities to debate motions on topics that may impact mental health. They have received support from the Minister for Education, and the Children's Commissioner for Wales.

Recently, our secondary school debate 'Is gaming good for you?' opened our Whole School Approach conference, which was run in partnership with Welsh Government and opened by the Minister for Education. Additionally, we held a successful virtual National Young Persons Debate for secondary schools in June 2021.

On 11 Feb 2022 (9.30-10.30), we will be offering our first ever National Mental Health Debate for Primary Schools. It’ll be open to schools across the whole of Wales, and every school will have the opportunity to view if they are not participating directly. The motion is ‘Does technology improve your mental health?’.

It’s the first time we’ve run this debate as a national event, and we’ve partnered up with TEC Cymru who are the national video consultation service set up by Welsh Government to respond to the pandemic.

Each invited school will nominate two student spokespeople to represent them at the debate. Each two-person team will argue ‘for’ or ‘against’ the motion on behalf of their school, with contributions lasting two minutes each as a maximum. Each contribution is pre-recorded and submissions can be received in English or Welsh.

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