College supports workforce retention programme for Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria

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07 June 2023

The UK Government has said it will provide £15m to support recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

The funding aims to upskill staff and improve health outcomes through improved administration, data collection and training and retention opportunities.

Welcoming the announcement, Dr Catherine Mutisya, a psychiatrist in Kenya and Chair of the College’s African Division, said:

“We know that an estimated one in four people in Kenya seeking healthcare have a mental health condition1. In Nigeria, one in four people live with mental illness2. In Ghana, an estimated one in eight people has a mental illness3. Most are unable to access treatment.

“While we appreciate this initiative is in its early stages, it must include specific commitments to improve recruitment and retention of psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals. Improving access to mental health care is key to improving health outcomes in these countries.

“We look forward to learning how this programme will work in practice and how it will engage with local health care professionals and other experts to upskill staff and improve health outcomes.”


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