Feb 2007: Dr Paul Allen, Professor Chris Brewin and Dr Vanessa Pinfold

21 February 2007

Our fifth podcast focuses on three papers from the February 2007 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry


Dr Paul Allen

Dr Paul Allen, Research Psychologist from the Institute of Psychiatry talks to Dr Raj Persaud about what goes on in people’s mind and brains when hearing voices (auditory verbal hallucinations)

Read the article: Neural correlates of the misattribution of speech in schizophrenia

(Interview starts at: 0 mins 0 secs)

Professor Chris Brewin

Dr Raj Persaud interviews Professor Chris Brewin, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College London on a review of the literature on mental health following terrorist attacks.

Read the article: Mental health following terrorist attacks

Read the press release: How Terrorist Attacks Affect Mental Health

(Interview starts at: 24 mins 13 secs)

Dr Vanessa Pinfold

Dr Vanessa Pinfold, Head of Research at Rethink, talks about how to preserve confidentiality when dealing with people with psychiatric problems, and in particular how professionals share information with carers.

Read the article: Best practice when service users do not consent to sharing information with carers: National multimethod study

Read the press release: Best Clinical Practice Framework Developed for Information-Sharing with Carers when Psychiatric Service User Withholds Consent

(Interview starts at: 48 mins 00 secs)

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