Exhibition: "We Are Not Alone" Legacies of Eugenics

Launching on 22 September 2022, we are hosting an exhibition called "We Are Not Alone": Legacies of Eugenics.

The exhibition was created by Professor Marius Turda and was first hosted at the Wiener Library in London in September 2021. Since then, it has travelled to Romania, Poland and Sweden and in April 2023 will be visiting Harvard University. Also beginning with the end of September 2022, UCL’s Institute of Education will also host sections of the exhibition dealing directly with education.

The History of Psychiatry Special Interest Group has worked with Professor Turda to add a panel discussing the RCPsych and its members’ involvement with eugenics, in the hope that by accepting and exploring our history we can better challenge systemic inequality and prejudice in healthcare today.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently open the College building at 21 Prescot Street to the general public so the exhibition will only be available to members.

Further Reading

If you have any questions please contact archives@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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