Public Mental Health Leadership Certification Course

The Public Mental Health Leadership Certification course is a new type of hybrid eLearning and webinar course developed by the Public Mental Health Implementation Centre (PMHIC), eLearning Hub and the Centre for Advanced Learning and Conferences (CALC).

“I am pleased to endorse these excellent resources from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on leadership in public mental health.

A public health approach to mental health means focusing on mental wellbeing promotion, mental illness prevention, and addressing the wider social determinants of health.

There is an active leadership role for Psychiatrists in working with communities to co-produce approaches that reflect their needs and values and improve mental health and wellbeing at population-level.

These resources are a guide for Psychiatrists looking to expand their public health leadership and we look forward to working together to support better mental health for all.”
Professor Kevin Fenton (President: Faculty of Public Health) 
Course development has involved key stakeholders from the PMHIC Advisory Board, with an overarching Expert Reference Group (ERG) advising on content and structure including experts by lived experience.

This Public Mental Health Leadership course aligns with and shares the values of the NHS Long Term Plan, the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ position and the new psychiatrists’ curricula regarding the importance of public mental health, and intends to:

  • enhance the knowledge and skills of public mental health among psychiatrists and the wider clinical workforce
  • generate and empower local champions of public mental health and provide further insights for professional work
  • develop a culture change from an individualised model of clinical psychiatry to a population-based, preventative public health approach
  • train the next generation of multidisciplinary leaders in public mental health by providing them with the tools and expertise to advocate for public mental health.

The course is designed for both UK-based and international psychiatrists, members of the public mental health and public health workforce including clinicians, allied health professionals, community-based organisations, policy makers and local authority officers.

The concept and structure of the course recognises and encourages the importance of cross-sectoral and collaborative working and provides practical, in-course examples such as the use of interactive discussion forums. Delegates are required to attend 2 live interactive webinars. 


Delegates must attend 2 live interactive webinars (webinar 1 or 2) and webinar 3 or 4)

Webinar 1: Monday 1 July from 2.00pm-5.00pm   (FULLY BOOKED)

Webinar 2: Thursday 25 July from 2.00pm-5.00pm (limited places)

Webinar 3:  Wednesday 18 September from 9.00am-12.00pm  (FULLY BOOKED)

Webinar 4: Wednesday 9 October from 2.00pm-5.00pm  (limited places)

The course will launch in April with the release of Module 1-3 elearning content, and access to the curated suite of related eLearning resources and self-study guidance.

Modules 4-6 will be released following attendance of the of the first interactive webinar session.


There is a maximum of 30 delegates per webinar.

The course is priced at £1,300 per attendee. 

Payment must be made in full  at the time of registration to confirm your place.  We are unable to invoice but can accept payment by bacs, debit or credit card. 

NHS trusts and other related organisational group bookings are encouraged, to enhance the practical implementation of the course in local settings. Trusts and organisations wishing to purchase 10 or more places on the course will be offered a discounted rate.

Please contact for further information. 

This comprehensive course offers approximately 50 hours of learning, including:

  • six new eLearning modules (comprising 14 hours of learning)
  • 24 hours of self-study time
  • free access to a curated suite of existing RCPsych CPD eLearning resources on related topics
  • attendance at 2 live interactive webinars.  Delegates will be required to complete modules 1-3 before attending webinar 1. 

The modules will cover:

  1. An introduction to public mental health
  2. Determinants of mental health and mental health conditions
  3. Health inequalities
  4. Public mental health interventions
  5. Bridging the mental health/public health gap
  6. Future leadership in public mental health. 

The course will include activities for learners to apply the course topics to their local settings, with examples provided of good practice from across the UK as well as internationally. Three extensive case studies are included to highlight public mental health approaches, and will specifically cover: 

  1. smoking cessation support in mental health care, 
  2. adverse childhood experiences and impacts across the life course, and 
  3. domestic violence and abuse.

You are required to attend 2 live interactive webinars (webinar 1 OR 2) AND (webinar 3 OR 4). 

It is a mandatory requirement to complete  the modules 1-3 (Webinars 1 or 2) and modules 4-6  i(webinars 3 or 4)  in advance of the Q&A webinar.



Course Director

  • Dr Jude Stansfield (Leeds Beckett University)

Co-project leads

  • Professor Subodh Dave (Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists)
  • Professor Kamaldeep Bhui (University of Oxford)

PMHIC Clinical and Strategic Directors

  • Dr Jonathan Campion (Consultant Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust) 
  • Dr Peter Byrne (Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, East London NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Professor Steve Pilling (Academic and Strategic Director, NCCMH) 
Lead authors

  • Dr Vas Papageorgiou (Senior Researcher, PMHIC) 
  • Dr Eliazar Luna (Senior Researcher, PMHIC)  
  • Dr Jean Strelitz (Senior Researcher, PMHIC)

Candidates will be awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Certificate in Public Mental Health Leadership on successful completion of all parts of the course.   
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