Social Inclusion

For many people with mental health problems and those with Learning Disabilities, being socially excluded is a real issue which affects their daily lives.

We have consistently highlighted the importance of social inclusion for people with mental health problems and with Learning Disabilities. 

What RCPsych has done so far

Between 2006-2008 we ran a Scoping Group on Social Inclusion. 

This followed the Equalities Review which stated the aim “to live in a society which provides for each individual to realise his or her own potential to the fullest”. 

This aspiration can inform our view of approaches to mental health services in the twenty-first century.

In 2009 we published a Position Statement, Mental Health and Social Inclusion, Making Psychiatry and Mental Health. Services Fit for the 21st Century (PDF) and in 2010 we published the findings of the Scoping Group: Social Inclusion and Mental Health.

We have continued our work in the area of Social Inclusion. Listen to our Social Inclusion lead Dr Jed Boardman discuss this vital area of work.

What we’re doing now

Our Policy team has two main areas of work related to Social Inclusion:

Recent government policy on welfare reform and employment:

Other areas of work linked to Social Inclusion are:

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