Multi-source Assessment for Expert Psychiatric Witnesses (MAEP)

The Multi-Source Assessment for Expert Psychiatric witnesses (MAEP) is our feedback system designed to help expert witnesses collect feedback for their appraisal and revalidation. 

The tool is designed to help expert psychiatric witnesses, who provide their expert opinion on the mental health of people in court cases, collect feedback.

Feedback is collected from people involved in the case, such as solicitors and barristers.

Why choose MAEP? 

  • It offers the best value for money - MAEP membership terms last for five years. Within that time members can start as many cases and request as many Case Reports as they wish, as well as up to six Cumulative reports, containing aggregated feedback.
  • It offers a unique, bespoke package that is research based - MAEP is the only feedback tool developed specifically for use by expert psychiatric witnesses. Based on research conducted by Professor Keith Rix, the system incorporates eight core competencies chosen by professionals within the field which link in with the GMC’s principal values.
  • It can be used widely and across different jurisdictions - MAEP can be used to assess your performance as an expert in all courts and tribunals, and in other circumstances where expert psychiatric evidence is needed to resolve disputes (e.g. civil, criminal, family, employment tribunals and coronial cases). The tool is suitable for cases that are settled or do not go to trial, as well as those that go to trial.
  • It’s comprehensive and insightful - As well as assessing performance within eight key domains, free text options are available for assessors to provide more specific comments that will help you.

How much is a subscription?

MAEP members can collect feedback and receive reports on as many cases as they wish within their five-year membership term.


Cost (5-year subscription)

Works out at...

New member£144£28.20 a year
Returning members£135£27 a year


How do I register? 

To submit a registration:

  1. Visit the MAEP website.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Call the MAEP team to make a payment over the phone, on 0208 618 4029.
Users complete a self-assessment as well as asking colleagues/professionals for feedback.

The questionnaire for professionals (for example, instructing solicitors) involved in the associated case contain the same eight questions based on core competencies.

These key domains were chosen by professionals within the field and link in with the core values of the General Medical Council (GMC):

  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Skills
  • Reliability of opinion
  • Presentation of opinion/report
  • Understanding of law, procedure, and rules of evidence
  • Oral testimony
  • Business manners and affairs

You can generate a report for each individual case, or up to six cumulative reports per cycle.

Cumulative reports are designed to compile feedback from various case reports.

Expert witnesses can use this information for appraisal purposes and it will not be publicly available.

If you would like to receive a sample copy of one of our reports, or a feedback questionnaire for professionals, please email your request to

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