NAD Quality Improvement


At the end of 2019, the NAD team facilitated quality improvement (QI) workshops around England and Wales. The aim was to develop practical applications to address hospital-specific shortfalls identified in the round 4 report. Based on feedback we would like to make more resources available for hospitals involved in the audit to help with develop QI projects and facilitate idea sharing between hospitals.

Round 4 action plans

Following these workshops we asked hospitals to write up their action plans outlining the QI projects and problems identified at the workshops. We would like to circulate an e-bulletin in February 2020 containing examples of best practice and to encourage shared learning. If you would like to submit a case study about a successful QI project you have carried out in relation to dementia care in hospitals, then please send a completed case study template to the NAD inbox. Illustrative case studies from the Round 3 action plans can be found in our e-bulletin below.