Peer reviewer training

As part of the accreditation process, memory services receive a peer review from a team made up of two professionals from other memory services, a service user or carer representative and a member of our MSNAP team.

What does the training involve?

  • Training to become a peer reviewer takes one day and is free; we hold training days several times a year spread across the country.
  • The training day is structured like a peer review day and involves guidance and group exercises to give you an idea of how the peer review visit works.
  • Training days are eligible for your CPD programme.
  • For people with dementia and their carers, we will book or reimburse travel, as well as paying a session fee of £100/day.

Who can be a peer reviewer? 

  • People who work in a memory service or memory clinic which is a member of MSNAP.
  • People with dementia, who have experience using a memory service.
  • People who care or have cared for someone with dementia, who have experience using a memory service.

Benefits of being a peer reviewer

  • Being a peer reviewer gives you the chance to visit other clinics in the UK, and for memory service staff and clinicians this means becoming part of a network where you can share ideas and resources. 
  • Many of our staff and clinician reviewers value the experience and find it particularly helpful when preparing for their own peer review.
  • As a person with dementia or a carer, you will join us in our aim to improve the quality of services that assess and diagnose dementia.

Honorary lead reviewers

Honorary lead reviewers are experienced reviewers who are able to lead reviews without a member of the MSNAP project team being present.

The criteria for becoming an honorary lead reviewer are: 

  • You have attended at least 3 MSNAP peer reviews
  • You have led at least 2 MSNAP peer reviews, supported by a member of our team
  • You are prepared to attend top-up lead reviewer training as required
  • You are happy to lead MSNAP peer reviews without a member of our team present
  • You are prepared to lead 2 MSNAP peer reviews per year (the contract lasts for 1 year and can be renewed as necessary)

Travel and expenses for honorary lead reviewers to attend reviews are paid by MSNAP. Honorary lead reviewers are also offered a free place at the annual National Memory Services Forum.

How do I apply?

  • If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer or an honorary lead reviewer, please get in touch with us at or 020 3701 2656.
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