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Welcome to the London Division Newsletter, 'The Psychiatric Eye'. Our Newsletter Editorial Committee welcome submissions, letters, responses and any other comments.

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How can I contribute to the Newsletter?

The theme for the next edition of the London Division newsletter will be:

'Mental health in the workplace, training or university'

Some questions to consider under this theme:

  • Studies have shown doctors to have higher rates of mental illness and suicide. In the current climate of increased interest in mental health is this filtering down to the places we work, train and study?
  • Is resilience a useful term in a climate of increased pressure and strain on services and the people who work in them?
  • Do students and trainees learn enough about maintaining mental wellbeing to be aware of when they may be experiencing burnout? 

We welcome your contribution to this theme and as always we also have the following features to which you can contribute articles:

  • Conference Watch – conferences you have attended related to psychiatry
  • Culture Vulture - articles relating to your insights, interpretations and observations of relevant popular culture, the arts and theatre in the capital related to psychiatry
  • Facetime - an interview with someone in the world of London psychiatry – professional or service user, local hero, or London icon
  • Articles relating to personal experience within psychiatry. 

Please see the details for submissions below:

All article submissions must use the Newsletter Template (DOC) and save the file as:                                   

'Submission for Spring Edition - your full name'

Maximum Word Count:

  • Themed Articles - 600
  • All other articles - 400 

Deadline for submissions: Please submit your article to The Psychiatric Eye by 28th February 2019.

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