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Welcome to the London Division Newsletter, 'The Psychiatric Eye'. Our Newsletter Editorial Committee welcomes submissions, letters, responses and any other comments.

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How can I contribute to the newsletter?

The theme for the next edition of the London Division newsletter will be:

'Environmental Sustainability in Psychiatry' 

With another set of UN climate talks coming to an end our next issue turns to focus on the climate emergency and Environmental Sustainability in Psychiatry.

  • How should we change our practice?
  • What innovations will be important?
  • How will this affect our patients?
  • ....and any other thoughts.

We welcome your contribution to this theme and as always we also have the following features to which you can contribute articles:

  • Conference Watch – conferences you have attended related to psychiatry
  • Culture Vulture – articles relating to your insights, interpretations and observations of relevant popular culture, the arts and theatre in the capital related to psychiatry
  • Facetime – an interview with someone in the world of London psychiatry – professional or service user, local hero or London icon
  • Articles relating to personal experience within psychiatry. 

Please see the details for submissions below:

All article submissions must use the Newsletter Template (DOC) and save the file as:                                   

'Submission for Spring Edition - your full name'

Maximum word count and article guidelines:

  • 500-1000 words for themed articles 
  • 400-600 words for non-themed articles
  • No more than 5 references should be included for each article. 

Please submit your article to The Psychiatric Eye by 4 March 2020.

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