Peer support

Doctors working in retirement can become isolated from peers. This is not generally the pattern of our working lives, and can lead to low morale and getting out of touch with current practice. Discussion with colleagues is an essential part of staying ‘grounded’, and allows us to review difficult or challenging decisions and cases with others.

Meetings with peers are an important part of the evidence needed for appraisal. They are opportunities for CPD and case-based discussion, and for discussing difficult cases or areas of limited knowledge.

The College’s Private and Independent Practice Special Interest Group (PIPSIG) is a place where retired members and those working in private practice or the independent sector can connect with each other and with the College.

PIPSIG has a forum where you may be able to contact other psychiatrists in your area, and you can follow it on Twitter.

The Independent Doctors Federation connects, supports and speaks for independent doctors (not just psychiatrists). It can provide appraisal and a route to revalidation.

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