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How to set up a new prize


A proposal should be sent to the Dean, c/o the Department of Professional Standards at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 21 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB.

The proposal should include:

  • a full description of the prize
  • the target audience the value
  • how often the prize will be awarded
  • justification for the establishment of such a prize
  • who would be eligible
  • whether the proposal is for a College prize or a Faculty, Section or Divisional prize
  • who would examine entries for the prize
  • a suggested closing date

Other items to note:

  • A preliminary budget will need to be prepared. This should be done in collaboration with the Department of Professional Standards (who will consult the College's Finance Department and Treasurer, as necessary) - it may be necessary to include administrative charges.
  • This will then be scrutinised by the Treasurer via the Finance Management Committee and, if necessary, by the Council.
  • The final proposal is sent for consideration to the Education & Training Committee, whose remit is to ensure that the objectives of the prize are valid educationally sound and that it is appropriately named.  Please note the College has decided that prizes should not be named after living individuals. 
  • If the Education & Training Committee approves the prize, full details will be included in the Prizes Booklet, which is available on the College website.
  • Examiners for all College prizes must be approved by the Education & Training Committee. 
  • If a prize is established by a Faculty, Section or Division, Examiners will need to be approved by the Faculty, Section or Division concerned and reported to the Education & Training Committee for information.
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