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Data entry

You will need your POMH-UK username and password to login to our online data collection tool. Login details are issued to local POMH-UK leads - if you do not have these details already, please contact POMH-UK.

You will only be able to submit data for each topic within the data entry periods stated below.

Before submitting your data, it’s important you read our support information: ‘Guidance for online data submission' (pdf).

You can make your own corrections to any data saved or submitted during the data entry period. Please keep a record of your receipt numbers to do this.

Data entry dates for our upcoming QIPs

TopicData entry opensData entry closes
Use of clozapine*1 February 202130 April 2021
Alcohol detoxification3 May 202130 June 2021
Prescribing for depression in adult mental health services
1 October 202130 November 2021

*Data collection and entry for The 'Use of clozapine' topic has been extended due to the impact of COVID-19. 

To help you plan your audit activities, view our resources page to access our calendar style planners.

If you have any queries regarding these audit dates, or have any questions on data submission not answered by our guidance document, please contact us.

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