Advancing Mental Health Equity Collaborative: Wave 3

The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH) are delighted to announce the launch of Wave 3 of the Advancing Mental Health Equity (AMHE) Collaborative.

Wave 3 of this groundbreaking collaborative offers a unique opportunity to tackle mental health inequity in your locality supported by the expertise of the NCCMH in quality improvement and co-production.

We will begin accepting applications from organisations to join this latest wave of the AMHE Collaborative on 11 March 2024. Organisations in Wave 3 will have the opportunity to learn from other teams on the collaborative, in addition to teams that have taken part in Wave 1 and Wave 2.

Join our Q&A Webinar

We are hosting a virtual Q&A webinar on 14 March 2:30-3:15pm. This will be an opportunity for senior leaders, local commissioners, NHS and voluntary sector mental health providers to find out more about the collaborative and what you need to do to take part from speakers including Dr Lade Smith CBE and a team participating in Wave 1.

Register for the Q&A session by 5pm on 11th March 2024 via this link.

Wave 3 Support Offer

Unlike the first two waves of AMHE, our Wave 3 offer is modular, targeting three levels of the organisation. We will help mental health services to use Quality Improvement (QI) techniques, empower middle management to connect across the organisation and support and develop leaders to nurture QI throughout your organisation. For organisations to truly embed equity work at all levels, we recommend signing up for all three levels of support. However, organisations can also sign up for one or more of the following offers of support:

Mental Health Services

Support by a dedicated QI coaching team who use evidence-based QI methodologies to support front line teams to advance mental health equity for a population whose needs they have identified as not being met. The work will be co-produced with people from the population.

Middle Management

Support through 1:1 coaching and action learning set events to: 

  • operationalise and spread equity and the equality work, 
  • understand how managers can be system integrators and have system oversight, 
  • coach their supervisees for success and to influence the organisational leadership. 

Board and leadership level

Support through 1:1 mentoring and shared reflective practice sessions with other senior leaders to: 

  • drive success and provide the necessary resource to make the AMHE projects move forward, 
  • understand and help to deliver the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF) in their trust,  
  • develop as an ally, work with and develop leaders with lived experience in their organisation. 

    Wave 3 timeline

    The key dates for the launch of this wave of the collaborative are as follows:

    • Registration opens on 11 March 2014. This will be open for a month. If you wish to join the collaborative and begin to work to tackle mental health inequity in your local area, you can register to join the collaborative from this date.
    • Q&A session on 14 March (14:30 - 15:15). Here you can find out more about the collaborative with speakers including Dr Lade Smith CBE and a team participating in Wave 1. Book here. 
    • Launch of Wave 3 in September 2024. This will be when Wave 3 of AMHE collaborative formally begins.

    Resources and further help

    You can find out more about the current QI support provided to organisations currently on AMHE on our waves 1 and 2 webpage.

    If you wish to see more about the work of organisations participating in Waves 1 and 2, including some of the populations identified and progress made so far, please see our AMHE Collaborative resources page where you can find case studies and recordings of presentations delivered by teams at our quarterly learning sets.

    If you have questions please do get in touch via or direct message us on Twitter at @NCCMentalHealth.