The purpose of highlighting resources here is to share information. The presented resources and their implications are not necessarily endorsed by the Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group.

The chief criterion for inclusion in this list is that an item is likely to be of interest to members of the Special Interest Group.

The 'recommended book list' is taken from the CPD eLearning module 'Exploring spirituality with people who use mental health services' and is necessarily highly selective.

There are currently five UK University Courses and links to all are provided, together with a number of other academic modules.

Of the many journals in the field of spirituality, two are specifically endorsed by the SPSIG.

Book Reviews regularly appear in the Newsletter but are additionally archived here.

The College leaflet on Spirituality and Mental Health is intended to be of use to both professionals and service users. Printed leaflets are also available from the College.

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