• A patient's perspective of mental health: is it because I am Black?

    12 October 2021

    For Black History Month, patient representative Michelle Joseph shares her experience of being a patient on a psychiatric ward, her experience of racism in the UK and how she would ...

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  • World Mental Health Day: Mental health in an unequal world

    09 October 2021

    Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri discusses the inequalities that people with mental health needs and disabilities face in modern society. He also talks about a hopeful future and managing stress.

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  • Dr Alex discusses male suicide, social isolation and educating young people about mental health

    03 September 2021

    For World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September 2021, RCPsych is joined by Dr Alex George to discuss male suicide, social isolation and mental health education.

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  • Daddy Blues: The Mental Health of Fathers

    19 August 2021

    Author Mark Williams and psychiatrist and filmmaker Dr Parvinder Shergill discuss postnatal depression in dads and their work on the short film 'Daddy Blues'.

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  • You are not alone - Episode 3: Doctors with disability

    13 August 2021

    In the third episode, PTC member Dr Rehana Kauser speaks to Dr Jaco Nel and Dr Kathleen Inglott about their experiences of training and working as doctors with disabilities.

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  • You are not alone - Episode 2: Shielding doctors

    04 August 2021

    In the second episode of our 'You are not alone' series of podcasts, Psychiatric Training Committee vice-chair Dr Shevonne Matheiken speaks to two trainees who have been shielding during the ...

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  • Music, Art and Neuroscience for South Asian History Month

    26 July 2021

    As part of our celebration of South Asian History Month, we talk to Dr Santosh Mudholkar who shares his thoughts on the interaction between culture, music and the brain.

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  • Facing COVID in the South Asian Community

    12 July 2021

    In this podcast, recorded for South Asian History Month, we discuss what it's like to have family living back in South Asia during the pandemic, the effect of COVID on ...

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  • You are not alone - Episode 1: Doctors with Mental Illness

    21 June 2021

    The Psychiatric Trainees Committee (PTC) are proud to present a podcast series that celebrates the lived experience of colleagues and explores topics affecting physician wellbeing.

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  • PrideCast: Eating Disorders, Bullying and Government Support

    17 June 2021

    For our second PrideCast we speak to two experts about eating disorders, OCD and ADHD as well as the experience of childhood bullying for being gay.

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