• LGBTQ History Month: From a Psychiatrist and Service User

    27 February 2020

    To commemorate LGBT History Month RCPsych interviewed a psychiatrist and a service user, both in the LGBT Community, on mental health, education and gender identity.

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  • The right way to stop psychiatric medication, with Professor David Taylor

    16 July 2019

    Raj Persaud talks to Professor David Taylor after his keynote talk at the 2019 RCPsych Congress about the right and wrong ways to discontinue psychiatric medication. He explains why antidepressant ...

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  • Did Sir Winston Churchill suffer from the 'black dog'? with Dr Anthony Daniels

    10 May 2019

    In 1969, psychiatrist Anthony Storr published an essay that established very firmly in the public imagination that Sir Winston Churchill suffered from recurrent attacks of severe depression, which he termed ...

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  • Freedom of choice: are we really free? with Professor Cass Sunstein

    10 May 2019

    In his 2019 book ‘On Freedom’, Professor Cass Sunstein invites us to rethink the way we consider freedom of choice as a concept. Are we truly free to make our ...

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  • BJPsych Advances Podcast Boundary Violations November 2018

    20 March 2019

    Boundary violations in therapy: the patient’s experience of harm Dr John Hook and Dr Dawn Devereux speak with Dr Aastha Sharma on the subject of their recent article published in the ...

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  • The inflamed mind: a radical new approach to depression

    14 March 2019

    Prof Edward Bullmore, The inflamed mind: a radical new approach to depression

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  • Professor Charis Kubrin: the psychology of gated communities

    22 January 2019

    Dr Raj Persaud talks to Professor Charis Kubrin about her wide-ranging research on the psychology of gated communities, walls, whether immigrants commit more crime and rap music.

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  • Social Inclusion

    07 January 2019

    Dr Howard Ryland talks to Dr Jed Boardman about his role as the Lead for social Inclusion for the College.

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  • Stigma On Gambling Addiction

    26 October 2018

    Peter Markham and Owen Baily discuss gambling addiction, and his own experiences with addiction.

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  • Is there hidden meaning to the use of Violence in the Movies?

    01 May 2018

    Dr Raj Persaud talks to Professor David Humbert about his new book on Violence in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock.

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